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Disposal Care Tips

September 10, 2017 / no comments, on Garbage Disposal Buying Guide


Disposal Care Tips

When you have a garbage disposal, it’s easy to take it for granted after a few years. After all, you just have to rise food waste down the drain, turn on the power and then let the disposal do its thing, right?

Well, there’s actually more to maintaining this appliance than you might be aware of. We’ve put together this helpful tutorial to help you discover some of the things you should, and shouldn’t do to keep your waste disposal running great.

Keeping it Clean

Some people assume that since so much water goes down the drain that they don’t really have to take any special measures to keep their disposals clean. You should, however, make it a point to do a regular cleaning, just to keep your disposal running well. And thankfully, it’s easy to clean it up.

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Squeeze a bit of dish-washing soap down the drain.
2. Follow the liquid with some cold water.
3. Run the disposal for about a minute.

These three simple steps will help to loosen up starches, and other build ups that can cause it problems down the road. We suggest doing this once a week for the best results.

Want Not Waste Not

Since they’re called “garbage disposals” all bets are off, right? You can pretty much put anything you want down the drain. Uh, no! It’s time to rethink the whole garbage disposal name.

Yes, you can put lots of different food wastes down the drain – peelings, stems, vegetable leaves, etc… But you cannot put non-organic trash down the drain. No paper, plastics, glasses or other trash that isn’t food waste. Just because some foods come in a can, that doesn’t make the can actual food waste.

This may sound like common knowledge, but you’d be surprised how many people trash their disposals every year by trying to force in garbage that is not technically food waste.

You Should Run It Regularly

The only thing worse than using machinery improperly is using it infrequently. Your disposal is there to be used. If you go weeks or months without using it, you are putting the machinery at risk of serious malfunction.

We recommend that even if you don’t have food waste to do away with on a regular basis, that you still run your disposal at least every three days. Just turn it on and let it run with water going down the drain for a minute or two.

Always Use with Water

Any time you plan on using your garbage disposal to take care of food waste, always do so with plenty of cold water running. The last thing you want to do is cram a ton of peelings down the drain and turn on the disposal unit without water flowing.

The water works hand in hand with the disposal to chop up and liquify food waste. Always keep the water running when using your disposal. Just make sure that you use cold water. Hot water tends to liquify grease and can cause serious build up on the grinding components. Cold water is always the preferred choice when using your disposer.

Got ” ‘Dem Bones ‘Dem Bones”

While you can usually put chicken and turkey bones in most garbage disposals, you don’t want to put in pork or beef bones. Even the most powerful garbage disposals aren’t very good at grinding up large animal bones, so be careful what types you try to process with your disposal. As a rule of thumb, birds and fish are okay, but any other animal bones should not go down the drain.

You Better Watch Your Fingers (and Silverware)

It’s important to always exercise caution when operating a garbage disposal. If you have a continuous feed model, be sure to always keep silverware and fingers clear of the drain. To be as safe as possible, we recommend reading through the safety manual that came with your disposal. If you don’t have a hard copy, you can usually find PDF copies at the manufacturer’s website.

Now you know some of the best do’s and don’ts of operating and maintaining your garbage disposal. Keep these tips in mind to keep your garbage disposal in tiptop condition for many years to come.

Like any other appliance, your garbage disposal needs a bit of TLC from time to time. And by putting these tips into action, you’ll be doing what it takes to get the most from your garbage disposal.


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